Costs & Aid

Costs & Aid

SMU is sensitive to the financial challenges that accompany attending class outside of the typical fall/spring schedule. To help motivated students attain their goals, intersessions courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate.  Most SMU financial aid applies in prorated amounts.  Additionally, the Intersessions Office offers a limited number of Partial Tuition Assistance Awards for undergraduate students enrolled in at least 3 credit hours.  Living on campus is an additional cost.

Attending intersessions at SMU is one of the most economical ways of completing high-credit degree programs, contributing to a second major or minor, or exploring a special interest outside your degree plan. Since tuition costs increase slightly each year, it is recommended that students with high credit degree programs take intersessions early in their undergraduate careers to avoid additional costs.

2019 Tuition

Undergraduate students pay a reduced tuition rate of $1,464 per credit hour (see typical course costs below).  No general student fees are assessed, though some specific courses may charge fees (e.g., travel or lab fees). For other SMU students (graduate students, those in the evening bachelor’s degree program, etc.), intersession tuition is typically calculated at the current rate charged by the program in which they are enrolled.

Undergraduate classes

      1 credit hour (e.g., a PRW or lab course)
      3 credit hour (most courses fall under this category)
      4 credit hour (e.g., language courses with a lab)

 Graduate classes

  Tuition varies by program - see Graduate Tuition breakout