Interdisciplinary Studies

Dedman College has a variety of interdisciplinary studies.

Asian Studies

The Asian Studies Program is the University's institutional focus for experts, events and programs related to Asia and is the key contact point for the media and the greater Dallas community.


The Biochemistry Program reflects the interdisciplinary nature of modern biochemistry and includes courses in physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology.

Biophysical Sciences

A rigorous degree program that provides a strong foundation for careers in medicine or research. 

Data Science

Data science is an exciting field, with its emphasis on using data to describe and understand the world around us. It applies ideas and methods from statistics, computer science, and optimization to find innovative solutions to important problems in many areas.

Digital Humanities

European Studies

The European Studies Program provides students with an opportunity to design an interdisciplinary program of study that will give them an in-depth knowledge of European history, culture, politics and society. 

Human Rights

The Human Rights Program is educating a new generation of visionary changemakers to defend and demand human dignity. We offer a unique experience that challenges students to think beyond the classroom and encourages compassion and inclusion.

International and Area Studies

The International and Area Studies Program provides students with the opportunity to design an interdisciplinary program of study that facilitates an understanding of the human experience in a global perspective, while at the same time allowing them to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in a specific geographical area. 

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies offers students of all backgrounds a broad range of courses in history, religious studies, popular culture, literature, music and art history that examine Jewish culture and religion as well as the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Monthly lunch and guest lectures provide additional learning opportunities. Students can explore the contributions Jews have made to human civilization around the world, from the Bible and Maimonides to Sondheim and Seinfeld, as well as pivotal chapters in Jewish history. Beginning Fall 2015, students may elect a minor in Jewish Studies.

Markets and Culture

Markets and Culture curriculum provides students with an opportunity to learn about the world’s marketplaces from an interdisciplinary vantage point. Students take core courses in a variety of the innovative fields including economic sociology. The curriculum is also designed to easily facilitate study abroad opportunities, studies at the SMU Taos campus and completing a second major.

Medieval Studies

The Medieval Studies Program affords students an opportunity for a “classically” liberal education within a broad subset of “Western” (Celtic, Franconic, Italic, Germanic, Visigothic) and “non-Western” (Byzantine, Islamic, Persian) contexts.

Public Policy

The Public Policy Program is an interdisciplinary program in economics and political science that is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and historical context to understand and deal with contemporary policy issues.

Women's and Gender Studies

The Women's and Gender Studies Program enables students to explore the social and cultural effects of gender difference.  The courses, covering several disciplines, introduce students to scholarship on the long-overlooked social and cultural contributions of women, on the social meanings of masculinity and femininity, and on sexual identity.