Graduate Research

Graduate students are involved in research in 14 academic departments.

Students are engaged in field research, lab research, and even involved with SMU's new high performance super computer. Dedman College has the facilities and faculty experts that inspire new discoveries and innovative solutions.

Fellowship Opportunities

Group of students standing together.

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship

Provides graduate and medical students across the Metroplex the unique opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary cohort and launch innovative health and well-being initiatives in the community while receiving extensive mentoring and support. Learn more.


Master's Tuition Fellowship

The 30% master's degree tuition fellowship applies to all SMU undergraduate students for the following departments: Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Economics, Mathematics, Psychology, Statistical Science. Learn more.

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DCII Ph.D. Fellowship

Participate in a program designed to foster interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. Fellows will be mid-career doctoral students in one of the college’s twelve Ph.D. programs. Learn more.

Why Research?

Whether you are charting a new career path or expanding your current expertise, participating in research at SMU is a step in the right direction. Graduate students work with expert faculty in top notch SMU facilities across campus and opportunities abound.