International and Area Studies

The International and Area Studies major provides students with the opportunity to design an interdisciplinary program of study that facilitates an understanding of the human experience in a global perspective, while at the same time allowing them to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in a specific geographical area.

The International Studies major provides exposure to global issues. International Studies majors also choose a region in which to specialize: Europe, Asia, Latin America and Iberia, or Middle East and Africa.

As an alternative to the International Studies major, a student may choose an area of study to earn a minor. Minors include: European Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American and Iberian Studies, and Middle East and African Studies.

To succeed in an international career, students need expertise in the politics, economics, history, language, and cultures of societies other than their own. The curricula for the International and Area Studies programs are designed to provide students with a foundation for this expertise by requiring course work in the social sciences, business, language, and humanities.

To maximize the educational experience in these degree programs, all majors are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester or summer in a Study Abroad program. SMU offers numerous study-abroad opportunities around the world. Most of the courses taught in the study-abroad programs may be applied to the International and Area Studies major and minors.