Biophysical Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Biophysical Sciences at SMU is a rigorous degree program that provides a strong foundation for careers in medicine or research. Whether your goal is medical school, an M.D. Ph.D. program, or graduate studies in biophysics, this program will give you the preparation and distinction you need to aim for rewarding careers beyond college. With courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and the School of Education, the degree plan includes the entire SMU pre-health curriculum and additional courses that provide advanced learning needed for post-college preparation.

The program requires 89 term hours. A core of courses from biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics provides 83 of these term hours. The remaining term hours can be obtained from a selection of elective courses that are available in the degree plan.

This program is advised in the Department of Chemistry by Peng Tao.

SMU-UT Southwestern Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

Beginning in Fall 2023, the Biophysical Sciences program will offer a new program, the SMU-UT Southwestern Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. This fellowship program is designed to provide selected students (Fellows) with a unique opportunity to perform scientific research at the UT Southwestern (UTSW) Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences under the guidance of UTSW faculty and an SMU faculty mentor.

Fellows will conduct this research full-time for one semester on the UTSW campus while remaining a full-time SMU student. Students in the program will carry out a well-defined research project and make original contributions to their scientific discipline. The SMU faculty mentor will assign the final grade based on an evaluation from the UTSW faculty member, a mid-term research paper, and a poster presentation.

Upon successful completion, Fellows will receive 6 credit hours toward their biophysical sciences major requirements by enrolling in PHYS 4390 and CHEM 4308 and 6 credit hours toward their graduation total as advanced elective credits by enrolling in CHEM 4697. Interested students should contact Professor Peng Tao by the spring semester of their sophomore year for details on the application process and criteria for acceptance into the program.

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