Dean's Research Council

Strengthening the ability for faculty to conduct cutting-edge research is a top priority at Dedman College.

The Dean’s Research Council provides competitively awarded seed funding for faculty research. This support helps our faculty to compete for larger grants and fellowships from outside SMU. For every $1 invested in the Dean’s Research Council grants, faculty win an average of $11 in outside funding. Strong research programs have a direct impact on the quality of educational experiences available to our students. 100% of donations to the Dean’s Research Council go toward faculty research. Learn more about the wide range of research currently underway at Dedman College in our research brochure. To join, make a gift online to the Dean’s Research Council.

Recent DRC Winners

Vladimir Ajaev

Vladimir Ajaev

Professor, Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling of Lipid Droplet Formation and Growth

Ernest Jouriles

Ernie Jouriles

Dale McKissick Endowed Professor of Psychology, Using Virtual Reality to Develop Emotion Regulation among Middle Schoolers Exhibiting Aggressive or Defiant Behavior



Bianca Lopez

Assistant Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Studies The Balkan Plague-Bearers of Medieval Italy: The Creation of a Minority Culture

DRC Distinguished Award winners


Vladimir Ajaev
Ernest Jouriles
Macabe Keliher
Nicolay Tsarevsky
Xinlei (Sherry) Wang


Greg Brownderville
Elfi Kraka
Fred Olness
Steven Sekula


Daniel Moss
Pavel Nadolsky
Fred Olness
Monnie McGee
Mark McCoy
Bianca Lopez
Robert Harrod
Rita Economos



Brian Zoltowski
Elizabeth Russ


Elfi Kraka
Jill Kelly


Jingbo Ye
Peng Tao
Karen Lupo
Philippe Chuard


Mark Chancey
Alexander Lippert
William Orr
Greg Brownderville
David Son


Herve Tchumkam
Nicolay Tsarevsky


Sabri Ates
Robert Kehoe


Johannes Bauer


Amy Pinkham
Lisa Siraganian
Yunkai Zhou

Dean's Research Council Award Winner

DRC son

The DRC grant I received in 2015 gave me the resources to start a multidisciplinary collaboration that continues to this very day.”

David Y. Son, Professor of Chemistry
Versatile 3D Printing with 'Click' Chemistry