Food and Beverages


Following are the food, beverage, alcohol, and tobacco policies for Class A, B, and C groups using the Collins Center.

Class A and B Groups

Class A groups (Collins Center tenants and other Cox groups) and Class B groups (non-Cox, SMU-affiliated groups) are strongly encouraged to use SMU Dining Services to meet their food and beverage needs when using the Collins Center.

The following procedures apply to SMU- and Cox-affiliated organizations that bring in outside food and/or beverage service:

  • Meetings and Events – Food and beverages may be delivered by outside food service providers, and prepackaged items purchased elsewhere may be brought in to the Collins Center. Under no circumstances, however, is food prepared at an individual residence permitted to be served. The organization or department is responsible for following University policy that requires that the outside food service provider has appropriate health certificate and certificate of insurance filed with the Office of Risk Management. SMU and Cox organizations and departments should have copies on file.
  • Full-Service Catering – Meetings, events, and meals that require full-service catering are expected to use SMU Dining Services. Any functions that require food and/or beverage servers are expected to use SMU Dining Services. If SMU Dining Services is not able to provide full-service catering for an event, then an outside caterer may be used. However, SMU Dining Services will not provide any food and/or beverage items for such an event.

Any group using any function space in the Collins Center will be responsible for disposing of all trash in an appropriate manner or a clean-up fee may be assessed.

Class C Groups

All Class C groups (outside parties with no affiliation to Cox or SMU) are required to use SMU Dining Services for food and beverage service when using the Collins Center. Full-service catering with a variety of menu options is available through SMU Dining Services. A completed food and beverage form must be turned in to the Meeting Services Coordinator. A copy of the form will be sent to the Director of Catering for SMU Dining Services. The form must be on file with the Meeting Services Coordinator no later than 10 working days prior to the event date. There will be a 20 percent catering surcharge for Class C events.

Any group using any function space in the Collins Center will be responsible for disposing of all trash in an appropriate manner or a clean-up fee may be assessed.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol can be served only in the following Collins Center spaces:

  • Bank of Texas Dining Room
  • Hillcrest Foundation Commons
  • Bobby B. Lyle Executive Lounge
  • Pistor Board Room
  • Crum Terrace

Prior to serving alcohol in the approved venues, the hosting organization must receive written permission via the Alcohol Approval form available from the Student Affairs Office. Alcohol is never allowed in classrooms. Additional rules that govern alcohol service include the following:

  • Food must be served in conjunction with alcohol.
  • Only beer and wine may be served – no liquor.
  • Receptions can be a maximum of two hours.
  • It is unlawful in the state of Texas for any person under the age of 21 to possess, purchase, or consume alcoholic beverages, except when with either a parent or adult spouse. Any underage students in attendance at an event must show identification and be identified in some way.
  • Alcohol may not be sold at events (i.e., no cash bars allowed).
  • Red wine or red punch will be permitted only in the Bank of Texas Dining Room.

Smoking Policy

The Collins Center is a smoke-free facility. Tobacco products are not permitted anywhere inside the building.