SMU Aware Safety App

SMU Aware Safety App, provided by AppArmor, is an easy-to-use smartphone mobile application that connects you to campus safety resources all in one place. It includes one-button calls to SMU Police or other emergency and non-emergency assistance, along with a host of other features designed to promote your personal safety.

App Download

Search for "SMU Aware" in the Google Play or Apple App Store and download the app. 

Or go to:

Apple: Download SMU Aware on App Store

Google: Download SMU Aware on Google Play                      

SMU Aware Safety App Features:                   

  • Emergency Services Contacts 
  • Mobile Blue Light
  • Friend Walk
  • Contact SMU Police 
  • Safety Toolbox
  • Campus Maps
  • Emergency Guides
  • Support Resources
  • SMU Aware Website 

All the features are designed to help you stay informed and prepared in case of any emergency. Remember, if you see something, say something®. Share that information through the app with SMU’s Police Department. Friend Walk allows you to virtually invite a friend to "walk" with you, providing an added layer of safety. 

Safety App FAQs

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download “AppArmor” from Google Play or the App Store
  2. Register with your mobile number or SMU email
  3. Search for & select “Southern Methodist University”
  4. Add the “Southern Methodist University” campus
  5. Enter your SMU SSO username and password
  6. Update your profile to include your mobile number if not used in step 2

The app is an additional safety resource that allows you to contact SMU Police or 911, submit a crime or non-emergency tip to SMU Police, invite friends or family to accompany you virtually on a Friend Walk, and access other campus support resources and procedures.

Your location is shared when you are doing a Friend Walk and invite friends or family to see your location. Your general location will be shared when you submit a tip or call SMU Police through the app. Or you can submit a tip anonymously that will not include your phone’s exact location. See the app for more information. 

Tips submitted through the app are reported directly to SMU Police and are monitored 24/7. You have the option to initiate a two-way chat with SMU Police to discretely report information.

If a call to SMU Police is initiated through the app, but not completed, SMU Police will still receive notice and attempt to message you to confirm you are safe.

Common tips reported to campus law enforcement through the app include illegal activity, suspicious behavior, or mental and physical health concerns. The SMU Aware Safety app is just one additional way to report troubling behavior. Students can continue to report concerns to faculty, RLSH staff, and other Student Affairs professionals. Employees can contact Human Resources.