Preventing Workplace Violence

Prohibited Behaviors

Southern Methodist University ("SMU") is committed to a workplace and academic learning and living environment free from violence and threats of violence.

The University does not tolerate behavior, whether direct or through the use of university facilities, property or resources that:

  • Is violent
  • Threatens violence
  • Harasses or intimidates others
  • Interferes with an individual's legal rights of movement or expression
  • Disrupts the workplace, the academic environment, or the University's ability to provide service to the public
  • Violent or threatening behavior which may be considered harmful or potentially dangerous includes:

Violent or threatening physical acts may include:

  • Oral or written statements with an intent to harm
  • Threatening gestures and expressions
  • Acts of domestic and/or relationship violence which intrude into the workplace
  • Acts of physical, sexual and/or psychological abusive behavior that a household member or dating partner uses to establish and maintain control over another person
  • All prohibited behavior requiring an immediate response should be reported to SMU Police Department at 214-768-3333 or 911. Behavior of concern that may escalate should be reported to the Workplace Violence Assessment Team.

Additional Information