Selection and Interviewing

The Department Human Resources or the hiring official will review applicants and determine if the applicant meets the minimum requirements and/or the preferred qualifications outlined in the job posting. He/she is responsible for updating the status of the applicant in the University’s applicant tracking system.

The hiring official will select the candidates that best meet the qualifications for the position and set up interviews. The term interview consists of any direct contact with the candidate including questionnaires, telephone interviews, video interviews and in-person interviews. The hiring official must apply consistent standards as candidates are moved through the search process and document reason for non-selection of candidates in the University’s applicant tracking system. All interviews must follow the interviewing guidelines provided by Human Resources to ensure compliance with University procedures and applicable federal and state laws. Interview evaluations must be submitted electronically via the University’s applicant tracking system.

Human Resources is available to consult with the hiring official and search committee/interview team on the procedures of the staff search process.

Interviewing (pdf document) 
Example of Interview Questions (pdf document) 
Search Committee/Interview Team Tips (pdf document)