Offers of employment cannot be extended until after the deadline to apply.

The hiring official will notify Human Resources of his/her decision on the top candidate, before making an offer of employment.

Prior to making an offer of employment, all search materials must be submitted in the University’s applicant tracking system and the required pre-employment checks must be completed. Human Resources is responsible for the maintaining all search materials for the required period of time.

Human Resources will notify the hiring official when he/she can extend a verbal offer. Once a verbal offer is accepted, Human Resources will send an offer letter and initiate new employee processing. Offers are contingent upon the prospective employee demonstrating the ability to work in the United States for any employer. The hiring official must consult with Human Resources if the prospective employee requests for the University to sponsor work authorization.

Human Resources or the hiring official will notify candidates not selected that the recruitment and selection process is complete and the position is filled.


Certain designated positions may have employment offers conditioned upon successful completion of a post-offer physical examination. Notice of this requirement will be evident in each posting for such a designated position. The physical exam is designed to determine if an applicant can perform the essential job functions, and will be performed only upon the applicant’s written consent. In no event will an applicant be hired if the applicant is unable to perform the essential job functions, with or without reasonable accommodation, or if the applicant presents a direct threat to his/her safety or the safety of others.