Job Posting

The Department of Human Resources will create a job posting based on the job description or review the recommend job posting submitted by the hiring official. Human Resources reserves the right to edit job postings to adhere to University practices and procedures.

Job Posting Period

Positions must be posted for a minimum of ten (10) consecutive working days. The position may be posted longer based upon the job market specific to that position. Job postings must have a deadline to apply and may have a priority consideration date. Unclassified or a hard to fill positions may be open until filled. The hiring official must contact Human Resources if a vacant position will not post immediately to discuss reasons for the delay in recruiting for the position.

Internal Only Posting

The hiring official can do an internal only posting to allow current regular employees to apply for the position. Internal only postings are posted for a minimum of five (5) consecutive working days. Hiring officials can consult with Human Resources to determine if an internal only posting is appropriate.

Jobs are posted on the SMU careers website, which serves as the official posting document for the University. All applicants complete SMU’s application when applying for open positions. Applications shall be accepted as long as the position is posted.

Job Posting Criteria

Each job posting will contain of the following information:

  • Position Title - Functional Title may also be included
  • Pay Range - All non-exempt (hourly) positions must contain an hourly rate. Only exempt position have the option to use salary commensurate with experience and qualifications    
  • Job Summary
  • Essential Functions
  • Minimum education required
  • Minimum years of work experience required
  • Required knowledge, skills and abilities 
  • Preferred knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Application deadline. Priority consideration deadline is optional.
  • How to apply
  • EEO Statement