New Employee Orientation Checklist for Post Doctoral Fellows

This checklist is provided to help you quickly and easily complete all required elements of your Total Orientation Process with SMU. If you have any questions, you may go back to the tutorial content to review the information.

First Day of Employment:

The following were provided to you electronically and should be completed prior to your first day of employment:

  • Offer Letter
  • I-9 Authorization to Work (Use your legal name as it appears on your social security card.) The document itself will be completed in the HR Office. Review a list ofacceptable documents  to bring with you to the HR office as proof of identity.
  • New Hire Paperwork - New Employees will access this via their online on-boarding portal or directly from HR.

Directions to obtain the following will be provided at HR on your first day:

  • SMU ID & SMU ID Card 
  • Form W-4 tax withholding
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment
  • Parking permit Instructions
  • Other new hire forms that may be required for your position

First Week of Employment:


Within 31 Days of first day of employment:

Benefits:  Required Participation for non-resident aliens

  • BCBS $500 deductible

Benefits:  Optional Participation


  • Copy of job description from supervisor
  • Long Distance Telephone access#
  • Copier Code (if applicable)


Within 90 days of first day of employment:  

New Post Doctoral Fellows will be notified by email from Lawroom when the following training tutorials are assigned and ready to be accessed:      


Questions may be directed to the following:

Email Us Recruitment:

Email Us Benefits-Total Compensation:

Email Us Orientation-Professional Development: