On-Demand Learning Opportunities for Employees

The following curated Franklin Covey content is provided in an on-demand learning format.  Each title includes a variety of articles, videos, self refection opportunities and simple challenges to support skills mastery.  learning activities for each title are scheduled over a 3 week period of time with a weekly time commitment of 1-2 hours.


Self Awareness for Individual Contributors

understand your strengths, weaknesses and impact on others 


set clear standards and hold yourself and others to them 

Establishing Credibility

be seen as confident, capable and trustworthy by people who matter to grown your reputation

Growth Mindset

engage with feedback and challenges to drive your development

Managing Energy

prioritize your own physical and mental health for sustained performance

Time Management

prioritize and use your time to get the most important things done well


take action rather than reacting after something happens

Email DevelopU@smu.edu to request access to these learning opportunities - please specify the course title(s).