Floating Holiday

SMU’s Floating Holiday is available to benefits eligible Staff and Post Doc employees who are actively employed at the start of each fiscal year (June 1).

The floating holiday allocation is administered on a fiscal year basis which, at SMU, is June through May. The significance of this is:

  • Allotted hours must be used during the fiscal year
  • Allotted hours cannot be carried over from one fiscal year to the next
  • Eligible employees hired after June 1 will receive the Floating Holiday allocation at the start of the next fiscal year (June 1 of “next year”)

The floating holiday is based on an employee’s standard weekly hours. For example, employees who are scheduled to work:

  • 40.0 hours per week are allotted 8.0 hours of Floating Holiday
  • 37.5 hours per week are allotted 7.5 hours of Floating Holiday
  • 30.0 hours per week are allotted 6.0 hours of Floating Holiday

Each employee’s Floating Holiday availability is viewable on the Leave Balances page in my.SMU.edu

  • Employee Self Service > Time Reporting tile
  • Manager Self Service > Time Management tile

Employees choose when to utilize their fiscal year allotment. As usual, the request for time off is subject to the manager’s approval based on operational considerations. Employees will record the floating holiday hours on their timesheets when taken.”