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COBRA Eligibility

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA) provides certain former employees, spouses, and dependent children the right to temporarily continue Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage at group rates.  This coverage is only available when coverage is lost due to certain specific events:

  • Termination of employment (for reasons other than gross misconduct)
  • Reduction of hours worked resulting in loss of eligibility for benefits 
  • Death
  • Divorce, annulment, or legal separation
  • A covered child ceases to be an eligible dependent

If coverage is lost due to one of these events, HealthEquity WageWorks will send you a COBRA election packet.  Completed enrollment forms and premiums must be forwarded directly to HealthEquity WageWorks.  

COBRA Alternative

COBRA participants must pay substantial premiums to continue coverage. Click here for information regarding other alternatives for health coverage, including the “Obamacare” or “Affordable Care Act” Health Insurance Marketplace.

Coverage Continuation Period

  • Former employees may continue coverage via COBRA for up to 18 months if coverage is lost due to termination of employment or reduction of hours causing loss of benefits eligibility.
    • If certain conditions are met, disability may extend the 18 month period of continuation coverage for a qualifying event that is a termination of employment or reduction of hours.
  • If an enrolled dependent loses coverage due to certain events, he/she may be able continue coverage for up to 36 months.

Once COBRA Is Elected

You must notify Human Resources within 60 days of:

  • divorce/legal separation/annulment
  • loss of dependent status

Refer to the Department of Labor FAQs for Employees About COBRA Continuation Health Coverage for additional information regarding COBRA rights.

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