Design Components

Design features help you present your message in a visually appealing manner. Many features offer options for image and text alignment, button color, and background color.



Create collapsible / expandable content


Display time-sensitive information


Create call to action buttons

Call to action

Add action-oriented wayfinding

Content block

Display text in a variety of layouts

Events feed

Feed content from

Events list

Curate a list of events

Image boxes

Add a grid of images with content

Image grid

Add a grid of images with captions

Image list

Add a list of images with content

Landing page headers

Customize your landing page header

Media with content

Display images and text in a variety of layouts

News event highlight

Highlight a featured news item or event

Page image

Display an image with a caption

Question & answer

Present a question and answer visually


Display a brief quote and attribution

Slide show carousel

Add a rotating selection of images

Slide show film strip

Add a rotating grid of images


Display a grid of statistics


Display related content in a condensed format

Text list / grid

Display text in a list or grid


Display a YouTube video with text