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Starting the process of studying abroad can be intimidating. Everyone's needs and interests are different. While browsing through our program options, think of the following questions to get you started:

  • Do I want to fulfill specific UC/CC, major and/or minor requirements?
  • Do I have a location in mind?
  • Do I want an internship, guided research, or service learning opportunity?
  • Do I want to learn a new language?


The Advising Profile is the first step in applying to study abroad, and should be opened as soon as you start exploring program options. It is used to keep track of your interests, preferences, and goals for study abroad, complete Abroad 101, and learn what to expect from your eventual program application. Students are encouraged to open and complete the Advising Profile at least two weeks prior to the application deadline for the term they wish to study abroad. If they create an advising profile on the application deadline, it may not be possible to open and complete a program application for their chosen term abroad as the deadline is that same day at 11:59 PM CST. 


The “pre-decision” phase is the part of the application on which you are reviewed for program acceptance. In addition to the SMU Abroad application, you may be asked to submit information directly to our partner providers. It is your responsibility to ensure that these materials are completed by their specified due dates. 


Upon being accepted, your application will then enter the “post-decision” phase, where you will make your commitment fee payment(s). You will also be asked to upload more information and review and sign documents.

Students applying to SMU Abroad programs must be in good academic and disciplinary standing*. SMU requires students to have a minimum 2.500 cumulative GPA and no active conduct violations in order to participate in an abroad program. Specific programs may have higher minimum GPA requirements. Many programs have competitive admission. Look for more detailed requirements on the webpages for any program you may be interested in.

Matriculated students may apply to study abroad after completing one full semester of study (Fall or Spring term) at SMU. Students are discouraged from studying abroad during their final full semester of study at SMU because SMU Abroad cannot guarantee that abroad credits will be processed in time for graduation in such cases. Students who matriculate as transfer students must complete one full semester of study at SMU in order to be eligible to apply for study abroad. A transfer student’s cumulative GPA will be used as the basis for determining academic eligibility.

*Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to apply for and participate in an SMU Abroad Program. If you are placed on academic or disciplinary probation or have a pending matter with the SMU Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards or the SMU Office of Institutional Access and Equity that arises between your Program acceptance and the Program start date, your acceptance may be revoked. Revocation from the Program may result in the same financial consequences as a withdrawal, effective as of the date SMU Abroad is notified of any change in your academic or disciplinary standing.

Applicants must complete all application elements by 11:59 PM CST* on the application deadline.

  • Start early on your application and all abroad requirements so that you can complete everything prior to the deadline.
  • If you do wait until the last minute, it may not be possible to complete everything on time. All students are required to adhere to deadlines. Exceptions cannot be made. Late applications will not be considered for any reason.
  • If you experience technical difficulties, please email before the deadline and include screen shots.

    * Be sure your computer is set to CST.

SMU Abroad staff will send important communication to SMU email accounts only. We expect that you will check your SMU email account at least twice a week both before and during your abroad program. You are responsible for following any directions communicated through your SMU email.

Professional Courtesy Expectations

  • Some application items require meetings with advisors. Instructions regarding how and with whom to schedule these meetings are included in the application.
  • For academic advising, please request appointments at least three days in advance.
  • For SMU Abroad advising, please request appointments at least 24 hours in advance. You will receive an email from your abroad advisor to confirm the appointment.

Please note that most advisors maintain regular office hours (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday during regular business operations). Inquiries made outside of these hours cannot be guaranteed an immediate response.