SMU Abroad continues to closely monitor the status of the COVID-19 pandemic. You will be notified of any change in the status of your study abroad program. Please check your SMU email and the Mustang Strong website for updates.

We ask participants to remain flexible as the situation with COVID-19 is incredibly fluid and unpredictable. Information regarding COVID-19 is constantly evolving, and SMU Abroad may be required at any given time to adjust policies and procedures to best support the health and safety of students. Program participants are personally responsible for meeting and abiding by all safety measures required for international travel and extended stays in foreign countries that may be in place during or after the pandemic. Any participant who fails to meet the required safety measure guidelines (i.e. negative COVID-19 test, proof of vaccination status, etc.) by the deadlines determined by SMU, the program provider, the foreign country, or the designated airline company may be prohibited from participating in the SMU Abroad Program trip.

Available Now

Faculty-Led Programs

SMU-in-Bali: Arts, Culture & Yoga

Program Directors: Anne Westwick & Jamal Mohamed

SMU-in-France: Language, Culture & Internships

Program Director: Paola Buckley

 SMU-in-Germany: Language, Music & Economics

Program Director: Stephen Grollman

SMU-in-Italy: Arts & Culture

Program Director: Kathy Windrow

SMU-in-Japan: International Studies

Program Director: Hiroki Takeuchi

SMU-in-London: Communication

Program Director: Sandra Duhe

SMU-in-Madrid: Advanced Language & Culture

Program Director: Olga Colbert

SMU-in-Oxford: International Studies & Honors

Program Director: Dan Orlovsky

SMU-in-Prague: Russian Language, Culture & Engineering

Program Director: Tatiana Zimakova

SMU-in-Rome-Paris: Culture, History & Honors

Program Directors: Melissa Dowling & Kathleen Wellman


SMU-in-Tuscany: Language & Culture

Program Directors: Aria Cabot & Daniele Forlino

Internship Programs

SMU Internships: Barcelona
Cox Majors Only

Administrative Director: Barbara Mohrle

SMU Internships: Dublin
Cox Majors Only

Administrative Director: Barbara Mohrle

SMU Internships: London Business
Cox Majors Only

Program Director: Chip Besio

SMU Internships: London Communication
CCPA Majors Preferred

Program Director: Owen Lynch

SMU Internships: Prague
Dedman Majors Preferred

Program Director: Pam Corley

SMU Internships: Prague Business
Cox Majors Only

Administrative Director: Barbara Mohrle

SMU Internships: Seville
Advanced Spanish Required

Program Director: Leticia McDoniel

SMU Internships: Sydney
Cox Majors Only

Administrative Director: Barbara Mohrle

Hybrid Programs

SMU-in-London: London School of Economics
and Political Science

Faculty Liaison: Kathy Hayes

SMU-in-Siena: Music Performance

Faculty Liaison: Carol Leone

SMU STEM Research: Glasgow & Dublin

Faculty Liaison: TBA

SMU Abroad's Virtual Internship program combines an online 3-credit course with an internship placement through our partners across global cities. Learn more!

Program Types


Short-term, faculty-led programs offer students the opportunity to travel and study abroad under the leadership of SMU faculty members. These programs are offered in January, May, and Summer terms. Students can earn 3, 6, 7, or 8 hours of credit while spending one to eight weeks studying, researching, or interning abroad. All courses are either taught by or approved by SMU faculty.



SMU affiliated programs are hosted by well-established study abroad program providers. These programs offer a diverse array of study abroad opportunities around the world. Term program options include study at universities, study abroad programs on specific disciplinary subjects, language immersion programs, and programs with field study and internship components.



These programs merge the characteristics of the faculty-led and affiliated models. All courses are vetted and approved by SMU faculty. Students may have the option to enroll in courses at a local university.





Virtual Experiences

To meet students' needs both now and during future terms, we're offering virtual abroad programs. SMU Abroad's Virtual Internship program for credit combines a 3-credit summer online course with placement through our partners across global cities. Learn to excel in a global environment with international colleagues and gain remote professional networking and social skills.