VieSta Students riding climbing wall in the courtyard.


 VisSta is the signature event for Virginia-Snider Commons and is one of the most anticipated events of the year. This annual event is hosted by the Virginia-Snider Leadership team, which is comprised of Commons Council, Peer Leaders, and Resident Assistants. VieSta is an outdoor event that is hosted in the Health Center Quad nestled outside of Virginia-Snider. The event is comprised of inflatables, food, and most importantly fun. VieSta occurs in the Spring semester and celebrates all the memories made throughout the year as a commons.

Bob Ross Night

Bob Ross Night is an annual program hosted by the Resident Assistant staff of Virginia-Snider. This program provides residents the opportunity to express their creative energies by completing a painting. Participants will be guided through a step-by-step process towards creating their own artistic masterpiece! All necessary supplies are provided for participants. All you need to bring is some comfy clothes, a positive attitude, and the expectation of having a good time! Not feeling artistic? That’s okay! Feel free to still drop by, enjoy some food, and converse with friends. Early arrival to this event is critical as there is always a large number of attendees. Charcuterie and drinks are provided for this program to complete the experience.

Order of the Elephant Knighting Ceremony

The Knighting Ceremony is an annual tradition held in Virginia-Snider Commons where all the new members of the VS community are inducted into the Order of the Elephant and receive their Elephant Lapel Pin. This ceremony serves as a formal education to the values of the community for new members and to assist in creating connections with other affiliated members of Virginia-Snider. Delicious food from SMU Catering is also served at this event!
Virgina Double

Community bath double room (Virginia)

Snider Double

Suite double room (Snider)