Fraternity Housing

Residence Life and Student Housing (RLSH) works collaboratively with SMU fraternities and sororities to offer on-campus living for upper-division members (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) of select organizations.

All sorority houses at SMU are owned and operated by individual chapters. Members who wish to live in the house make their own arrangements with the house leadership and house corporation.

There are eight fraternity chapter houses owned and operated by SMU. On-campus fraternity residents enjoy the combined benefits of on-campus amenities and conveniences, as well as the sense of community offered through the lived experience in their chapter house.

Living in fraternity and sorority housing as a sophomore

SMU requires sophomores to live on campus, and in some cases, this requirement may be met by living in a fraternity or sorority house. This is considered an exemption from the second-year housing requirement and students must request and be granted an approval for an exemption. Information about deadlines and processes are emailed to students each spring.

To request an exemption, a student must first apply for SMU housing on the SMU Housing Portal.

  • Sorority houses and Sigma Chi: Members invited to live in the house must complete an exemption request in the SMU Housing Portal, and after exemption approval must provide a copy of the signed chapter housing contract.
  • Fraternity houses: Members invited to live in the house must complete an exemption request in the SMU Housing Portal and after exemption approved must appear on fraternity housing assignment list.
  • Exemptions will only be approved to move into the chapter house where the student is a member of the chapter. Membership will be verified with SMU Fraternity and Sorority Life before exemption is granted. No exemptions are grated for Panhellenic or other houses.
  • No Greek exemptions will be accepted after May 15.


SMU owns eight of the nine fraternity chapter houses on campus and works with each chapter’s house corporation to arrange for members to live in the house.

Each fraternity house at SMU manages its own housing occupancy, usually through the house corporation. Members of a chapter should inquire with chapter leadership regarding expectations and requirements for living in the house.


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