Proficiencies & Experiences

Proficiencies and Experiences give students the skills they need to succeed in the workplace with diverse colleagues and audiences.

All students on the Common Curriculum must complete each one of the graduation requirements (aka Proficiencies and Experiences) in addition to the General Education requirements (Foundations and Breadth requirements). Unlike Foundations and Breadth requirements, however, students have the option of using either coursework or activities to fulfill these requirements. 

Explore the proficiencies and experiences required of Common Curriculum students for graduation.

Community Engagement (CE) community

Community Engagement (CE)

Students will demonstrate the combination of knowledge, skills, values, and motivation necessary to contribute to the civic life of communities.

Civics & Individual Ethics (CIE) Student raising their hand in class

Civics & Individual Ethics (CIE)

Students will demonstrate an ability to engage in ethical reasoning about civic and individual life.

Global Perspectives (GPS) Students laughing outside

Global Perspectives (GPS)

Students will demonstrate an informed perspective on the challenges contemporary societies face in the broader global context. 

Human Diversity (HD) HD

Human Diversity (HD)

Students will demonstrate an understanding of human diversity and the systems of structural inequality that shape human experiences and behaviors.

Oral Communication (OC) Oral Communication

Oral Communication (OC)

Students will demonstrate an ability to engage in clear and concise live communication.

Quantitative Applications (QA) Student in front of a laptop

Quantitative Applications (QA)

Students will demonstrate an ability to interpret mathematical models in the form of formulas, graphs, and/or tables and draw inferences from them in a specified domain.

Writing (W) writing

Writing (W)

Students will demonstrate university-level writing proficiencies appropriate to their coursework.