Students with Disabilities

Students who wish to request an accommodation due to a condition considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act may indicate their request when applying for housing.

In addition to completing the housing application, all students requesting an accommodation on the basis of a disability must work with the SMU Disability Accommodation and Success Strategies (DASS) office to document the disability and establish eligibility. DASS will make a determination of eligibility for accommodation and provide recommendations to Residence Life and Student Housing. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the disability's impact and student need and the reasonableness of the requested accommodation. 

Visit the DASS website for more information regarding how to submit documentation to their office.

Service Animals

SMU students with disabilities may be allowed to have a service animal in campus facilities where animals would typically not be permitted (See University Policy 1.17, Animals Policy). Furthermore, SMU students with disabilities residing in University housing may request as an accommodation that an emotional support animal be allowed to reside in the student’s University residence. For students who plan to bring a Service Animal to live in campus housing, early notification is necessary to make arrangements. For more information on the differences between a service and an emotional support animal, procedures for obtaining approval to use such animals, owner responsibilities, and SMU Community expectations, please read the Disability Accommodations and Success Strategies Service and Emotional Support Animals Procedures.

Timeline for New Students

For incoming students, the housing priority date is May 15 and students should complete their housing application as soon as possible. The DASS office requests that disability-related requests for housing be submitted to DASS by June 1 in order to permit thorough review by DASS.