Submit a Work Order

Maintenance personnel can help residents with routine repairs such as a clogged drain, a broken blind, a leak, etc. We try to make the process worry-free. Learn more about the work order process managed by SMU Facilities Management and Planning.


Request regular maintenance

To request maintenance service, a resident must submit a request using SMU's work order system, STABLE.

You don't need to wait in their room for maintenance. Whenever a resident submits a request, it gives the staff permission to enter the room and make necessary repairs. If the item is an emergency, the staff may enter without having a work order so the problem can be addressed immediately to prevent further damage.


Emergency maintenance issues 

Situations that risk the life, safety, and/or security of residents, RLSH properties, or critical campus infrastructure are deemed emergencies and garner an immediate response by qualified facilities personnel. Requests can be entered through STABLE at any time, however, for emergency level concerns (leak, flooding, broken lock, power outage, etc.) outside of the normal business hours should be called in to SMU Facilities Planning and Management 24/7 call center at 214-768-7000. Residents should also contact building staff or an Area Service Desk member if there are questions about maintenance concerns.

Check the Status of a Work Order

Have you submitted a work order but want a status update? Residents often come by or call our office with questions related to their work orders. Common questions include:

  • What is the status of my work order?
  • Can I check the comments made on a work order?
  • I can't remember if I placed a work order. How do I check?
  • I am not sure if my work order was completed. How do I look?

You can check the status of your work order on STABLE under the "My Requests" tile on the home page.


Many students like to maximize their usable space in their room by lofting their bed. A loft is a bed that is raised so that a student may place their desk or other furniture underneath to maximize space.

Residents may request a loft at the beginning of the academic year or after a room change. All requests are made in the SMU Housing Portal. One request is permitted each academic year. Please note that we do not have lofts available during summer terms.


  • For the fall semester, the loft request process opens in the summer and closes on July 31.
  • For new spring residents, the loft process closes on August 2.
  • After a room change, students receive information about making a loft request within five days of the move.

How to request a loft

  1. Log into the SMU Housing Portal, and select Loft from the menu.
  2. Select the loft height option desired.
  3. Read and electronically sign the Release of Liability and Hold Harmless agreement.

Residential Commons Classrooms

Students don't just live here-they learn here. Our Residential Commons classrooms are physical representations of our integrated living and learning philosophy.

View Our Classroom Spaces

Boaz Commons

  • Room 136

McElvaney Commons

  • Room 135
  • Room 137

Mary Hay-Peyton-Shuttles (MHPS) Commons

  • Shuttles Room 315

Virginia-Snider (VS) Commons

  • Virginia Room 203

Armstrong Commons

  • Room 126

Crum Commons

  • Room 132

Kathy Crow Commons

  • Room 150

Loyd Commons

  • Room 104

Ware Commons

  • Room 136

Request a classroom

To request Residential Commons Classrooms for your class(es)/meeting(s)/event(s), please provide the following information via email to the office of Academic Initiatives via academicinitiatives@smu.edu:

  • Time and date of event (please include sufficient pre-event and post-event time for your set-up and tear down)
  • Number of expected enrollment/attendees
  • Attendee composition (faculty, students, staff, external community members)
  • AV requirements (computer, projection screen, DVD player, etc.)
  • Catering or food service ORG number (SMU groups)
  • External groups must have a RLSH sponsor to host an event

Questions prior to submitting your request? Contact the office of Academic Initiatives via academicinitiatives@smu.edu or 214-768-4887.

Damage and Charge Appeal

While Residence Life and Student Housing (RLSH) expects some wear and tear as students live in their rooms, damage to rooms and common areas beyond normal wear and tear are charged to residents. Damage to common areas are split among all residents of the community or unit.

Examples of damage charges and fees are available for reference.

  • If a student is charged for damages, an email is sent to the student's SMU email address.
  • Appeals must be received within 30 days by sending an email to the resident's Residential Community Director (RCD).

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for a decision. Decisions will be emailed to the student’s SMU email address.