Tria Ut Unum: Three as One.

Students enjoying the Taste of Diversity

Taste of Diversity

Taste of Diversity started in 2016, and is an event that celebrates the diversity students bring not just to MHPS, but to the larger SMU community. The event, occurring each October, brings together MHPS residents and SMU community members alike to learn about and develop an understanding of different cultures through the best possible gateway: food! Cuisines from across the world, locally sourced in Dallas, are on display as students learn about the country and culture they come from. It also lets MHPS students know where they can get amazing and diverse food from the nearby Dallas area. The event is constantly growing and changing, incorporating SMU partners such as Study Abroad and SMU Taos to showcase how students can experience a different culture than their own through SMU! MHPS students contribute by volunteering and teaching their peers about the different foods and cultures represented at Taste of Diversity, and some students showcase their talents through activities like Henna tattoos, Chinese calligraphy, and more. Most recently, Taste of Diversity saw over 450 attendees – the highest it’s ever been!
Students posing at the Taste of Diversity

Showing some pride for MHPS!

Students proudly displace that they belong to MHPS.
Students at table in Loyd Commons

Dallas/Fort Worth Theater Excursion

Each semester, our Faculty in Residence, Liljana, takes students around Dallas and Fort Worth to museums, theater productions, and outdoor gardens to showcase the incredible cultural attractions available to students in the DFW area. Liljana loves taking students on these trips and sharing her love of the arts with MHPS residents. Usually there are special exhibitions open that she takes advantage of, or a popular show comes through that she brings students to, such as Hamilton last year! The excursions show MHPS residents the importance of getting involved in their community while in college, and introducing them to what DFW has to offer (usually for free!).
Peyton Double

Peyton double room

Shuttles and MH Double

Mary Hay & Shuttles double room

MH Single

Mary Hay single room