Intensive English Program (IEP)


The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas is a specialized English language program designed for non-native English speakers who wish to improve their English language skills for academic, professional, or personal purposes. The program offers comprehensive language instruction, cultural immersion, and academic support to help students achieve their language learning goals.

IEP Key Features
Fall 2013 IEP Group

1. Curriculum: The IEP at SMU offers a curriculum that focuses on improving the four main language skills - speaking, listening, reading, and writing - as well as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and academic study skills. The program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in English language proficiency, with different levels of instruction available to accommodate students' varying language abilities.

2. Experienced Instructors: All IEP courses are taught by experienced and qualified instructors who are trained in English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. These instructors provide individualized attention and feedback to help students progress in their language proficiency and achieve their learning goals.

3. Small Class Sizes: The IEP at SMU maintains small class sizes to promote interactive and engaging learning experiences. This allows students to have ample opportunities for speaking practice and individualized attention from instructors.

4. Cultural Immersion: The IEP at SMU recognizes the importance of cultural understanding in language learning, and provides opportunities for students to immerse themselves in American culture and the local community. This may include cultural activities, field trips, and interactions with native English speakers.

5. Academic Support: The IEP at SMU provides academic support services, such as tutoring and academic advising, to help students with their language learning and academic success. Students also have access to SMU's extensive academic resources and facilities.

6. SMU Admission Requirement: Upon successful completion of the IEP, students may be eligible for full admission to SMU without having to take an additional English language proficiency test. Students who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies at SMU but do not meet the English language proficiency requirements should contact the SMU UG & GR admission offices for additional admission requirements.

7. Vibrant Location: SMU is located in Dallas, Texas, which is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city known for its rich cultural diversity, business opportunities, and vibrant arts scene. Students in the IEP at SMU can take advantage of the city's resources, attractions, and English language environment to further enhance their language learning experience.

Overall, the Intensive English Program at SMU provides a supportive and engaging learning environment for non-native English speakers to improve their English language skills and prepare for academic, professional, or personal success.