Keeping It Classy Since 1964

Students on the lawn at The Cockrell Classic.

The Cockrell Classic

The Cockrell Classic is Cockrell-McIntosh's signature annual event created to foster community within Cockrell-McIntosh and the larger SMU campus. Occurring at the end of November or start of December, The Cockrell Classic celebrates the winter season and the end of the semester through horse-drawn carriage rides around the boulevard, authentic and fresh-made french crepes, and winter themed games. The event is held in the Cockrell-McIntosh quad and is planned and executed by the Cockrell-McIntosh Commons Council.

Blvding with the Duhés

Every home football game in the fall, the Cockrell FiR Family boulevards on the front porch of CM for the two hours before kickoff. Join Cockrell-McIntosh residents old and new plus their families for classic homemade football foods, made by FiR Sandy, as her husband Brad fires up the grill for football classics.
Students and photobooth at The Cockrell Classic.

Cockrell Culinary Club

Cockrell Culinary Club, in conjunction with Cockrell Eats, is FiR Sandy Duhé’s signature weekly event. Residents sign up to be either the executive chief of the week or one of the sous chefs. The executive chef works with Sandy early in the week to create a menu for that week’s Cockrell Culinary Club. Then on Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m., Sandy, the executive chef, and the sous chefs cook the decided-upon menu, which is enjoyed by all of Cockrell-McIntosh at Cockrell Eats at 8 p.m.

Please note, there are multiple configurations for room types. The below is an example floor plan.

CM MM Double

Community bath single room