In general, SMU expects students to behave in a considerate and responsible manner that respects the rights of the University and of any other person who may be affected by their actions.

Below are the primary, but not all, policies and rules related to living on campus. 

If you are a future resident, you may be looking for our housing policies and procedures.

Primary policies

Students engaged in community service

Community Standards

Our mission is to provide a living environment that promotes and is compatible with the academic success and personal well-being of all students. As a result, the Resident Handbook contains the SMU RLSH Community Standards and policies. By signing a housing license agreement as a residential community member, you agree to abide by and support the Community Standards as delineated in your agreement.


SMU fire safety policies

SMU RLSH works closely with Risk Management and the University Park Fire Marshal to educate residents about fire prevention. All students residing in rooms without kitchens (Residential Commons and Upper-Division Housing individual rooms) are expected to abide by the fire safety regulations for residence halls. Moore, Martin, and Thomas House abide by the apartment guidelines and individuals in fraternities abide by the fraternity house guidelines.


Student enjoying an MHPS Commons event

SMU Student Code of Conduct

A university is a complex institution. It is distinctive from anything else in society, and therefore, the focus of its norms is distinctive. Further, a private university is an elite institution; admittance and attendance is a privilege granted on the assumption that the applicant who has voluntarily enrolled in the institution shares the university's values and goals and is committed to its purpose.


Additional policies

The Housing License Agreement is signed on the SMU Housing Portal when a student applies for housing. A copy of the document is emailed upon completion.

arial shot of the north quad during move inLost key or locked out? We are here to help.

Residents locked out of their rooms may go to their Area Service Desk between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and may contact their Resident Assistant (RA) on call between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. Your community-specific phone number can be found on posted signs in and around the building.

Students in Armstrong, Crum, Loyd, Kathy Crow, and Ware should go to the Armstrong Area Service Desk. All other students should go to the Virginia-Snider Area Service Desk. If you lose the loaner key or don’t return it within 24 hours, the locks are changed, and your account charged.

We want you to make SMU your home. Residents may personalize their rooms, within limits.

  • All University furniture must stay in the room.
  • Bookshelves, pictures, and other items may not be secured to the walls by bolts, screws or nails, glue, etc.
  • Concrete blocks, bricks and boards, and “homemade” lofts are not permitted. Residents may request a lofted bed via the housing portal. 
  • Rooms may not be painted, and carpet may not be removed.
  • Modifications to the room are prohibited.
  • Tension rods are the only mechanism that may be used to hang curtains.
  • Any damages to the room, including damage to walls, will be charged to residents when they check out of their rooms. To avoid unnecessary charges and damages, Residence Life & Student Housing (RLSH) recommends painter tape, poster putty / sticky tack, or pushpins / small picture hangers (20-pound max) to hang items.
  • RLSH does not recommend foam-backed attachments such as 3M hooks as they often damage the walls.