AP® Summer Institute Testimonials

  • "Our presenter did an excellent job and encouraged students at all levels. It was easy to get individual help when needed." 2017 (AP® World History)
  • "Session was awesome! I was never bored. We were give lots of great resources." 2017 (AP® Psychology)
  • "I feel much more qualified to teach AP® after attending this week." 2017 (AP® Government)
  • "Great Session! We got a lot of experience and practice." 2017 Participant (AP® Spanish)
  • "This has been the best PD I have ever had. I am so excited to bring back everything I learned to my classroom." 2017 (AP® Psychology)
  • "Great class! Good energy & personality. I really enjoyed it and learned useful material & strategies that I can actually use in the classroom." 2017 (Pre-AP® English Middle School)
  • "Excellent Presenter! Great facility and food. I learned a lot of useful strategies."  2017 (Pre-AP® Math)
  • "Very practical information - took away a lot of good activities and pedagogical strategies!" 2017 Participant (AP® US History)
  • "As usual, you have changed my teaching life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience." 2017 (AP® English Literature)
  • "Francois Wolman is an excellent presenter. He provided the tools, techniques, resources and tips to make me feel confident in my AP® French class." 2017 (AP® French)
  • "The best summer AP® workshop. Ms. Smalley is incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her students (us) learning"2017 (AP® Calculus)
  • "You are consistent and never disappoint. This is one of the few PD that I actually look forward to." 2017  (AP® Government) 
  • "By far the best APSI® event I have attended.  The facilities are excellent and east to navigate.  SMU staff were very accommodating." 2017 (AP®US History) 

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