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Sharna Johnson

Sharna Johnson '15

Sharna Johnson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the Founder of Awake to Dream Again, her private practice business. She graduated from Simmons with a Master of Science in Counseling in 2015.

What do you do professionally and what is most rewarding about your job?

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. Owner and Founder of Awake To Dream Again, where I hold my private practice business. I also currently serve as a licensed Counselor on the Military installation of Fort Hood for Active Duty Service Members and their families. Mental health is essential to living. My goal is to always be a groundbreaker in the movement of educating society in effective ways of healing. The most rewarding aspect of my job is supporting clients discover the jewels hidden within by coming into a place of knowledge in what they are destined to do in life, identify what tools are needed to uproot seeds of stagnation and see them fulfill who they are destined to be now that they have discovered and identified their true selves.

What were some of the most meaningful aspects of your education at Simmons?

Meaningful aspects of my education at Simmons are the standard and pride instilled in students throughout the program that carries over to the professional market. The lasting connection, support and security the faculty members provide after graduation is a blessing and perfect for the field I am in. Though I live three and half hours away, I will travel to the campus in a heartbeat just to pour into the graduate students the same way it was done for me. The Counseling program taught me that I could accomplish anything with handwork, dedication, standard and confidence.

How did your education at Simmons prepare you for your professional career?

My education at Simmons prepared me for my professional career by allowing me to experience all types of client population during internship. Because of the training I had at Simmons, characteristics of a leader were encouraged and expected. The commitment, authenticity, compassion and love shown throughout the entire program encompass the Counselor I strive to be everyday. The confidence gained from a high standard curriculum and phenomenal faculty and staff has pushed me to be an advocate and expert for Mental Health awareness around the world.

What are some highlights from your experience as a SMU student?

Some of the highlights from my experience as a SMU student are lifelong personal and professional relationships, not only with other students but also with the professors. I know I will always be welcomed back onto the campus if I ever was in need and that's what a good educational program is about. Also, the networking opportunities given were priceless, I received an array of collaborative experiences with various professionals that I could model after.

Why are you proud to be a Simmons alum?

I am proud to carry the Simmons alum status because it changed my life and helped shape me into a leader within my field. Being a Simmons alum has given me the push to execute a vision called Awake To Dream Again. It has given me the opportunity to speak on a national television network as case study analysis, various radio platforms with a global reach and become a Mental Health advocate and trainer for Texas Independent School Districts. Not only does Awake To Dream Again offer counseling services, throughout the year, I host trainings, workshops, seminars and an annual conference to the local community.

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