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The Caruth Institute for Engineering Education (CIEE) is a national center of excellence focused on research, development, delivery and evaluation of new and innovative K-16 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and engineering education programs. The Institute strives to increase the number and diversity of students interested in pursuing the study of engineering or technology to meet the ever-increasing demand for a well-educated high-tech workforce. To make this possible, the Institute sponsors a variety of programs designed to familiarize students with engineering-focused STEM activities that also spark science, technology and mathematics learning.

Situating Interactional Learning and Student Agency

Dr. Jean Moon (Morning session)

Promoting Epistemic Agency in Science Classrooms

Dr. David Stroupe (Evening session)

Recent CIEE News

CIEE Research Assistant Professor named to SMU Social Justice and Equity Task Force

Congratulations to CIEE Research Assistant Professor Dr. Kelyn Rola for being selected to serve as a member of SMU’s Social Justice and Equity task force. The university-wide, interdisciplinary task force was commissioned by SMU’s Provost, Elizabeth Loboa, to explore and inform SMU's approach to greater social justice and equity.

Dr. Rola will represent the Lyle School of Engineering in this important work and looks forward to serving SMU in pursuit of promoting social justice and equity both on campus and in the greater Dallas community.

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SMU Excellent Educator

SMU Excellent Educator recognizes Rochelle Hailey, 6th grade teacher at the Solar Preparatory School for Girls, for her work introducing young girls to engineering technology.

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For Better Results, Ask Better Questions

In an article written for the 2021 STEAM Special Edition of PeopleNewspapers, CIEE Director Richard Duschl discusses how science and engineering (S&E) education is needed to engage students in the struggles of making decisions and using evidence and ideas to explain, model, design, and engineer.

The full issue of 2021 STEAM Special Edition containing Dr. Duschl’s work can be found here.

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Drones in the Classroom Virtual Conference

The Caruth Institute hosted the Drones in the Classroom Virtual Conference November 14, 2020. There were 260 registered attendees from 15 countries, 37 states and the Virgin Islands. There were 9 presentations on topics ranging from drone careers, to drone curriculum, to drone platforms.

You can find all the presentations, more information and can sign up for the next conference at the link below.

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