Undergraduate Programs

It is an incredibly exciting time to study Computer Science at Lyle. With the support of world-class faculty, the latest technology tools, and cutting-edge research, we encourage students to tap their intellectual abilities to approach difficult problems and create new solutions. The Department of Computer Science offers three undergraduate degree plans and one minor. 


B.S. in Computer Science

The B.S. in Computer Science degree option provides not only a thorough education in core Computer Science subjects, such as programming languages, data science, algorithms and computer networks, but also offers students several tracks and electives to choose from.

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B.A. in Computer Science

The B.A. in Computer Science degree provides students with a great deal of flexibility to double (or even triple) major with any available degree programs across campus.  It provides a solid foundation in Computer Science and allows students the opportunity to pursue a track option, as in the B.S. degree plan.

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B.S. in Computer Science (Premedical Specialization)

The B.S. in Computer Science with Premedical Specialization provides a solid foundation in Computer Science and allows students to simultaneously take necessary biological and physical science courses to prepare for medical, dental or veterinary schools.

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Computer Science Minor

The Computer Science Minor Lyle is designed to provide basic proficiency in Computer Science. Requirements focus on the principles of Computer Science, programming concepts, data and discrete computational structures.

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Combined Degree Program

The Lyle School of Engineering offers a combined degree with the Meadows School of the Arts that leads to the degrees of B.A. in music and B.A. in computer science. Students should contact the department for additional details. Other combined majors can be arranged in consultation with an advisor.


Accelerated Pathways Master's Degree Program

The Accelerated Pathways program allows students to complete both B.S. and M.S. degrees in five years. Up to nine total credit hours of graduate courses may be applied toward fulfilling the student's undergraduate program requirements in the final year of their bachelor’s degree. For additional information, students should contact the undergraduate program director.


Teaching Certification

Computer Science majors interested in earning a teaching certificate should contact the Simmons School of Education for information on requirements for additional course and student teaching.