Message from the Chair

Frederick R. Chang

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at the Lyle School of Engineering! Back in 1967, SMU created one of the nation’s first Computer Science departments. While so much has changed over the past 50+ years in computing for academics and industry, we are nonetheless grateful for the visionary steps taken back then to make Computer Science a priority at SMU. That beginning has given us a solid foundation from which to evolve and grow.

It is truly an exciting time to be in Computer Science, and no surprise this field of study is one of the most popular majors today. It is hard to think of anything in modern society that is not influenced or indeed dependent upon computing and software in some way. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will fuel countless new startups in the years ahead. Automation of critical processes will alter business productivity within the next decade in ways that we can only imagine. Advances in cybersecurity will be critical as hackers continue to compromise enterprise information systems far too frequently. Research in software engineering will help us to better design, develop and maintain software, the lifeblood of any information system. Our outstanding faculty and students are doing cutting-edge research in these and many other areas.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about the exciting research and education programs happening here. The Computer Science Department at SMU has a rich history and a bright future. We hope you will join us.


Frederick R. Chang

Computer Science Department Chair