Cancel/Withdraw from Intersessions

Want to cancel your Jan Term - Dallas 2023 enrollment?

Click here to complete a Petition for Withdrawal/Cancellation !

Cancellation/withdrawal of courses in-progress are subject to Bursar's Office refund policies.

Students enrolled in Graduate, Taos, or Abroad programs may not use the form above.  Please contact the administrator for your program to cancel your enrollment.

Do you want to switch courses?

Use SWAP instead of DROP from the "Enroll" page of my.SMU
(Cancellation deactivates your account for the term, making it harder to re-enroll)

Do you want to drop one course but keep others (Applies to SUMMER only)?

DROP the course for yourself in my.SMU.  Only use the cancel form if you only have one class to drop or you want to cancel ALL your courses.

If you are enrolled in only one course you cannot drop in my.SMU.  To cancel all courses so that you're enrolled in 0 credit hours for a term, you MUST fill out additional paperwork by clicking on one of the buttons above OR by reaching out to the Intersessions office at If you are enrolled in multiple courses and only wish to drop/withdraw from one, you can complete this transaction in my.SMU.

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation/Withdrawal is not an automatic process.  It can take 1-2 business days for the course(s) to be dropped from your schedule & an additional couple of days for a refund to be processed (where applicable).



Cancellations prior to the start of your session are eligible for a 100% refund. See program Dates and Deadlines to check if your cancellation is eligible.

Students who drop early in the term may be eligible for a partial refund.
For short sessions (JanTerm, MayTerm, June A/B, and July A/B), students can receive a 50% refund if they initiate a drop on the first day of class.
For longer sessions (online courses, and the main June & July session), students must drop early in the term to be eligible for a partial refund. See Bursar's Office refund policies.

For information on the processing of your refund, please consult the the Bursar's Office Refunds webpage, or contact Enrollment Services at 214-768-3417 or