SMU Economics Faculty Directory


Cullum Clark

Director, Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative and Adjunct Professor of Economics

Ph.D. Southern Methodist University
George W. Bush Presidential Center and Umphrey Lee 310A

J.H. Cullum Clark received his PhD from SMU in May 2017.  As Director of the Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative, he leads the Initiative's work on domestic economic policy and economic growth, and is responsible for managing various aspects of the new partnership between the Department of Economics and the Bush Institute.  Cullum’s chief research interests are macroeconomic policy, economic geography and urban economics, and modern economic history.  He also teaches undergraduate classes on modern economic history. Cullum earned a B.A. in History at Yale University and an A.M. in Political Science at Harvard University.  He has worked for 24 years in the investment industry, serving since 2002 as President of Prothro Clark Company, a Dallas investment firm.  In addition to his time in the PhD program, his involvement with SMU includes serving since 2008 on the University’s Investment Committee, since 2010 on the Tate Lecture Series Board of Directors, and since 2017 as a Tower Center Fellow.  He also serves on the boards of the Eugene McDermott Foundation and Uplift Education, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, and the Dallas Assembly.  He and his wife Nita have three daughters: Lili (21), Annabel (19), and Charlotte (15).    

Research Interests

 macroeconomic policy, economic geography and urban economics, and modern economic history

Courses Taught

ECO 4376 - Topics in Economic History