International Insurance Services

Exlog Global

Exlog Global is a leading medical and travel security company. They combine operational experience, local knowledge, and geographical reach to mitigate risk, protect assets, and save lives. Working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year they assist University travelers for all of their medical and security travel needs.

The chart below shows the insurance SMU travelers have access to while abroad and how it applies to the different SMU travelers.

   Major Medical Health  International Accident-Medical Only  Worker's Compensation  Rental Automobile
Process Coverage activated by you working with your provider Traveler contacts Exlog Global who will work with insurer. Approvals through SMU Contact Exlog Global for medical needs; report to Office of Risk Management  Coordinate with rental company and automobile insurance purchased per Policy 3.7
Student  Coverage activated by health insurance either through SMU's Student Health Insurance Plan or personal family plan  Automatically provided through SMU - linked to Exlog Global  Not Applicable Not Applicable
Faculty & Staff Activated by your health insurance either through SMU benefits or otherwise  Automatically provided through SMU - linked to Exlog Global  Report incidents to ORM within 24 hours for further investigation and coverage review Per Policy 3.7, travelers must always accept additional rental car insurance abroad
Non-SMU Travelers  Not Covered by SMU. Please call the Office of Risk Management at 214.768.2083 if you would like information on where you can purchase individually.

Before You Leave for Your Trip

  • Make sure you have registered your trip in the Risk Mangement system, Safeture. If your travel was booked via Concur, you're automatically registered. 

  • Be sure to download the Safeture App. It allows for one-click dialing to the 24/7 Global Hotline as well as medical and travel security alerts for your current location and additional countries you select.

Questions? Contact the Office of Risk Management at or 214-768-2083.