Workers Compensation

SMU has Workers’ Compensation insurance to protect faculty, staff and students who are injured while working for SMU. SMU has chosen to participate in the AIG Texas Health Care Network (HCN), for treatment associated with workplace injuries. In accordance with Texas Insurance Code Section 1305 SMU must provide each employee with notice of the network requirements by providing a copy of the attached Employee Notification Packet.

If an Employee is Injured at Work

In the event of emergency medical needs, call SMU Police at 214-768-3333, or 911 if off campus. For non-emergency medical needs, go to an HCN approved provider for treatment or call the nurse triage line below.

Nurse Triage - 855-365-7279

An employee or someone acting on the employee’s behalf must notify the appropriate supervisor of an on-the-job injury or illness by the end of the work shift. The supervisor must then notify the SMU Office of Risk Management no later than 48 hours after the date on which the injury occurs or the date the employee knew or should have known of an illness. Failure to provide timely notice could result in denial of the claim.

For additional information concerning Worker’s Compensation, brochures outlining employee rights, responsibilities and benefits are available in Human Resources. You may also visit the Texas Department of Insurance Workers' Compensation website.

HCN Requirements

Please review the HCN requirements that follow:

  1. You must choose a treating doctor from the list of doctors in the HCN. Or you may ask your PPO or primary care provider through the SMU medical plan to agree to serve as your treating doctor (see item 4).
  2. You must go to your treating doctor for all health care for your injury. If a specialist is needed, the treating doctor will refer you to one. If you need emergency care, you may go anywhere.
  3. The insurance carrier will pay the treating doctor and other network providers.
  4. You might have to pay the bill if you get health care from another doctor other than a network doctor without HCN approval.