Student International Travel Registration

Graduate and Research Students:If you are receiving funds from a grant, you are required to book your travel through Concur. Please follow the instructions on this page. All other students should complete the steps below.

Step 1

Begin by booking your travel.

Please Note: You must use your SMU email address, i.e., for booking purposes as your SMU email address with travel confirmation/itinerary will be used to register travel with Risk Management.

Step 2

To register your travel in the Risk Management system, Safeture, you will forward your travel booking confirmation to

When you have received the booking confirmation for your scheduled trip, forward a copy from your SMU email address to The forwarded email must only include the booking confirmation information. Any attachments, such as pre-trip approvals, non-itinerary emails, and invoices, will cause the information not to be processed by Safeture.

Step 3

Safeture will send an automated email with instructions to complete the mandatory Pre-Travel Form and the assigned Travel Risk Awareness e-Learning. Be on the lookout for an email from Safeture.

For those traveling to High-Risk countries: The completion of the Pre-Travel Form is sent to the Travel Oversight Committee (TOC). They will review trip information and are the final step in approving/denying travel. If it is approved, you will receive an email notification and can continue with pre-booked travel. Should travel be denied, you will have the opportunity to appeal based on policy 11.4. The chair of the TOC will follow up with guidance on the appeal process.

Step 4

Familiarize yourself with current Travel restrictions and download the Safeture mobile app.


Please contact Risk Management at or 214-768-2083.