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Founders' Day Weekend

Founders' Day Weekend

Inside SMU Powered by TEDxSMU

An Enriching Afternoon With Faculty, Alumni and Students


Hosted by SMU Alumni Board

Friday, April 11

Greer Garson Theatre

Noon – 1 p.m.
1 – 5 p.m.
TEDxSMU delivers awe-inspiring subjects on the minds of faculty, alumni and students.

The TEDx Experience

  • You'll hear compelling stories from 17 SMU faculty, staff, alumni, and students
  • Speakers range from scientists to artists, designers to engineers, philanthropists to economists
  • No keynotes, panel discussions or podiums
  • Doors will open at 12:30 p.m.


Martin Camp Faculty Dedman School of Law Good News, Bad News, Who is to Say!
Christopher Carrillo Student Lyle School of Engineering The (Non) Technical Development of Humanity
Marc Christensen Faculty Lyle School of Engineering Educating a New Generation of Failures
Jaime Clark-Soles Faculty Perkins School of Theology Dying to Live
Mariah Cowley Student Lyle School of Engineering Making Giant Origami and Shaping Lives
Brittany Harrington Student Meadows School of the Arts Quartet-a-tete with The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet
Michael Harris Faculty Simmons School of Education and Human Development Why Businesses Should Work Like a University
Jon Horton '85 Staff SMU Athletics My mother's funeral... a lesson in kindness
Dennis E. Murphree '69
Alumni Dedman College The Importance of Persistence
Blake Norvell '04
Alumni Dedman College NSA Wiretapping: A 4th Amendment Violation?
Stephen Rankin Staff Student Affairs The World Changers We Shape
Joshua Rovner Faculty Dedman College The Heroes of Counterinsurgency
Dennis Simon Faculty Dedman College Civil Rights: A Journey
Willard Spiegelman Faculty Dedman College  Realms of Gold
Ben Voth Faculty Meadows School of the Arts Ending Genocide in the 21st century
Arnaud Zimmern Student Dedman College Braiding Red Riding Hood