LGBT Programs

We host a variety of LGBTQ+ programs throughout the year. With so many programs, you will find that there is something for everyone on campus who wishes to engage with programs focused on LGBTQ+ community. Our programs are open to everyone or all identities and we hope to see you at one of our programs listed below.
LGBTQ Symposium

LGBTQ Symposium

This is an empowering annual forum showcasing some the most influential LGBTQ+ and Ally change-makers of our time and creating an opportunity or you to engage in a variety of topics related to the LGBT+ community. Every Thursday night during the October, we will have a different program, speaker, or panel that will be discussing different aspects of LGBTQIAAP+ identities and lives. 
Image of diverse LGBTQ+ people standing in a line with linked arms wearing shirts with rainbow hearts in front of a rainbow waterfall against a teal dotted background with text reading LGBTQ Mentorship Program

LGBT Mentorship Program

Role models are so important, but we believe that the most powerful thing we can offer you as an LGBTQ+ or Ally student is a “possibility” model. Our mentorship program does just that, it connects students with LGBTQ+ and Ally faculty, staff, alumni, and community so that you see amazing LGBTQ+ people creating beautiful and successful lives and futures. 

The Coming Out Monologues

Stories connect us and allow us to share our basic humanity with one another. As LGBTQ+ people, we have powerful stories to share that not only tell our experiences, but they open hearts and minds. This annual storytelling event amplifies the voices of LGBTQ+ and Allies experiences in ways that are intimate, passionate, inspiring, and transformative.

If you are interested in participating in the Coming Out Monologues through telling your own story, apply here

Allies Program

Ally Training

Did you know that the word “Ally” is a verb? Being an ally to LGBTQ+ community is not just a title you acquire; it is actions you can take to create a better campus climate for LGBTQ+ people. Ally training gives everyone a better understanding of how to be a better Ally to the entire LGBTQ+ community. We also offer LGBT 101 training for those who are wanting a more introductory understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.


Workshops and Trainings

During the Fall and Spring semesters, the Women & LGBT Center hosts a Pop-Up Clothing Swap to provide an opportunity for students to acquire clothing that aligns with their current gender identity and/or gender expression. All items are available free of charge. There are no limitations on the number of items an individual is allowed to take, and individuals are not required to bring any items to swap. This event is inclusive of all gender identities and expressions and open to all students. 


Lavender Leaders

Our Peer Leader Program provides students with outstanding leadership and educational opportunities? Peer Leaders in the WLGBTC are undergraduates' volunteers who develop and lead small and large-scale educational programs, trainings, and workshops, and act as a speaker's bureau for the campus on gender and sexuality.