Women’s Symposium

CORE Women's Symposium Leadership Committee


  • Help plan and lead the longest continuously running program of its kind in the nation
  • Hear nationally recognized speakers
  • Discuss topics of national, global, and personal importance
  • Network with area leaders and community members

For more information, please contact  (214) 768-4792 or womenandlgbtcenter@smu.edu

Core the Podcast

CORE the PODCAST is on opportunity for all members of the SMU community to participate in the inner-generational dialogue and learning that has typically taken place solely between our CORE members and the Women's Symposium Community Award winner they are paired with in order to get to know them before they have to introduce them at the symposium. The women who are selected as our community award winners have such multi-faceted lives and incredible journeys that they have taken on order to get to where they are today, and we feel like those stories need to be heard. So, we bring you CORE the PODCAST

image of Community Award Winners

The Women's Symposium community awards recognizes women whose actions and example have served to advance the lives of women in the Dallas area. They are honored and celebrated during the Women’s Symposium. A small  ceremony will be held on Wednesday, March 3rd at 5:30 pm and will be recorded and broadcast on Friday, March 5th at 1:00 pm on our Facebook and YouTube Channels. 

The Gail Reese Ward Excellence in Mentoring Award

The Gail Reese Ward Excellence in Mentoring Award commemorates Gail Ward, 1950-2003, who coordinated the SMU Women’s Symposium from 2000 to 2003 and created the Profiles in Leadership Awards program. It recognizes an award recipient for especially significant contributions as a mentor to girls and women. 

The Gail Reese Ward Award for Excellence in Mentoring Award Winner:

  • Leah Parker, Co-founder of the Body & Soul Program

The Profiles in Leadership Award

The Profiles in Leadership award honors women who exemplify the purpose of the Women’s Symposium to educate women for social and political leadership. 

Profiles in Leadership Award Winners:

  • Marsha Clark, Owner of Marsha Clark & Associates
  • Suzi Greenman, National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Dallas Section
  • Thear Suzuki, Global Client Service Partner at EY
  • Gail Turner, Co-founder of New Friends New Life Ministry and First Lady of SMU
  • Jessica Walker, Director, Community Wellness Solutions

Individual Gifts

The lifeline of the SMU Women's Symposium is the individual contributor. Annual gifts from individuals, no matter what size, help fund a significant portion of the operations of the Symposium. Gifts may be made by cash, check, or online with a credit card. Give today and change the world and the women who can make the difference.

Honoraria and Memorials

Gifts may be made to honor or memorialize someone living or deceased. Celebrate a birth, graduation, anniversary or other special event with a gift to the SMU Women's Symposium.