Women’s Symposium

Individual Gifts

The lifeline of the SMU Women's Symposium is the individual contributor. Annual gifts from individuals, no matter what size, help fund a significant portion of the operations of the Symposium. Gifts may be made by cash, check, or online with a credit card. Give today and change the world and the women who can make the difference.

Honoraria and Memorials

Gifts may be made to honor or memorialize someone living or deceased. Celebrate a birth, graduation, anniversary or other special event with a gift to the SMU Women's Symposium.

You are invited to partner with the SMU Women's Symposium in its efforts to prepare and encourage women of all ages to pursue positions of leadership in the corporate, community, political, educational and international arenas. Since its creation in 1966, the success of the SMU Women's Symposium is attributed in large part to its ongoing efforts to create dynamic and lasting partnerships with corporations, service organizations and individuals.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for all or part of Symposium events.

For information, please contact Dr. Sidney R. Gardner at (214) 768-4796 or you may email her at sidneyg@smu.edu

Personal contacts made on behalf of the SMU Women's Symposium -- friend to friend; colleague to colleague; teacher to student; mentor to protégée -- are the most powerful and effective contributions one can make. Whether it is distributing brochures at meetings, making phone calls, mailing special invitations to individuals or mentoring planning committee students, Symposium Ambassadors provide an invaluable service to the program. By actively promoting the SMU Women's Symposium, Ambassadors ensure this landmark program continues to provide quality programming to an ever-increasing multicultural, multigenerational audience of women and men.

Make a difference in the lives of Women with a financial contribution. 

For information, please contact Dr. Sidney R. Gardner at (214) 768-4796 or you may email her at sidneyg@smu.edu


  • Help plan and lead the longest continuously running program of its kind in the nation
  • Hear nationally recognized speakers
  • Discuss topics of national, global, and personal importance
  • Network with area leaders and community members

For more information, please contact  (214) 768-4792 or womenandlgbtcenter@smu.edu