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SMU Pharmacy

6211 Bishop Blvd
Dallas, TX 75205
214-768-2021 FAX

Need to get a prescription filled, some over-the-counter supplies, or a snack, the SMU Pharmacy has you covered! Conveniently located in the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center, our pharmacy is the place to go for prescriptions, over the counter medicine, personal hygiene items, batteries, snacks, and MORE!

ADD/ADHD Prescriptions

The SMU Pharmacy is able to fill student ADD/ADHD prescriptions, even from out of state providers. View our ADD/ADHD page for more information.

Prescription Transfers

We are happy to transfer your prescriptions from your home pharmacy. Fill out and email the Prescription Transfer Request form to or call the SMU Pharmacy. Please give us a 24-hour notice for completion of this service.

Prescription Refills

Prescription refills can be requested by completing the online form or contact us by phone at 214-768-2149.


We accept most insurance, so we can fill your prescriptions at the same price you would pay at off campus pharmacies.


Written information about your prescription has been provided for you. Please read this information before you take the medication. If you have any questions concerning this prescription, a pharmacist is available during normal business hours to answer these questions at 214-768-2149.

Complaints against the practice of pharmacy may be filed with the:
Texas State Board of Pharmacy
1801 Congress Avenue

Suite 13.100
Austin, Texas 78701-1319
Tel: 800-821-3205

 Only registered SMU students may fill out-of-state C II prescriptions per Board of Pharmacy regulations. The patient must provide a valid SMU Student ID and/or driver’s license at the time of the first fill and when picking up the prescribed medication. If you have more questions, please call the SMU Pharmacy at 214-768-2149.

There are no refills on Schedule II prescriptions. A new written prescription or electronic prescription is required for each fill. A physician can E-scribe the prescription directly to Southern Methodist University or SMU Healthcare Pharmacy. We are listed several different ways depending on the software the physician uses.  It could be listed as above or Bob Smith Health Center. The address may be 6004 Hillcrest, Dallas, TX 75275 or 6211 Bishop Blvd, Dallas, TX 75205.  Our pharmacy ID is 4538635 and our NPI is 1477608775. It is easiest to give the physician our name and phone number (214) 768-2149. We can assist them to find us.

For scheduled II prescriptions, they must be filled within 30 days of the day it is written, "earliest fill date" or "effective date". The date on the prescription may not be changed, written over, or corrected. The prescription is VOID per Texas law if that happens and should be rewritten by the physician.

Many students bring multiple prescriptions in to be kept on file and filled on the appropriate date. The prescriptions should be dated the date they were written, but the physician should put the "earliest fill date" on the prescription. When E-scribing, use the "Effective date” slot. That date is considered the date of the prescription.

The pharmacy verifies the prescription with prescribing physician on the initial fill.

Schedule II prescriptions must be written by a physician. They are not fillable in Texas if written by a Physician Assistant (PA), or a Nurse Practitioner (NP).

If you have any questions, please call us at (214) 768-2149.