Health Services Fee

The Health Services Fee is mandatory for all graduate and undergraduate students and entitles them to use the services of the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center. The fee is assessed each fall and spring semester in conjunction with enrollment. The fee is included in the cost of housing for all residential students. For students not residing in a residential hall, the fee is assessed separately and appears as a separate charge on the bursar account. The Health Services fee is not automatically assessed during the summer. Students wishing to use the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center during the summer will be charged the fee only if they choose to use services and the fee will be collected at the time of the first appointment.


 Fee Schedule 24 - 25

Undergraduate Students (not living in a residence hall)
 Fall Semester
 Spring Semester  Summer (June 1 - July 31)
 Full-time (12 or more credit hours)
 $127.50 $127.50
 Part-time (1 - 11 credit hours)
 $65  $65 $60
 Graduate Students (not residing in a residence hall)
 Same fee regardless of hours taken
 $110 $110


Visits and Services Covered by the Health Services Fee

  • General doctor visits (i.e. primary care, gynecology)
  • Nursing evaluations/services
  • Nurse Advice Line, available 24/7
  • Counseling services
  • On call counselor, available 24/7

Services not covered by the Health Services Fee

It is important to note that students also are required to maintain health insurance to cover the costs of specialty care, prescriptions, labs/X-Rays, and any health care provided off-campus. This requirement can be met either by purchasing the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or an alternative insurance plan that has comparable benefits.

At the time of your visit, you may incur charges from services not covered by the health services fee. If you have the Student Health Insurance Plan, we will bill the insurance and you will be responsible for paying any co-pays either at the time of service or by billing the bursar account.

If you have private insurance, the health center cannot bill your insurance directly. Any charges incurred can be paid to the health center at the time of service or billed to the student bursar account. Students are responsible for filing a claim through their private insurance for reimbursement. Statements can be printed from the SMU Health Portal under Financial Statements for reimbursement purposes. Please know, the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center and its providers are out of network with most insurance plans. Claims are paid according to how the policy covers. If you have questions about your bill after you receive your Explanation of Benefits from your insurance carrier, please call Student Health Insurance at 214-768-3408.

A separate fee is charged for the following:

  • Pharmacy
  • Labs
  • COVID-19 Testing* X-Rays
  • Allergy Shot Administration
  • Injections
  • Suture Removal
  • Medical supplies such as bandages, walking boots/braces, and crutches
  • Pharmaceuticals (administered during a visit or while in observation)
  • Dermatology

*COVID-19 Testing

There is a fee charged for COVID-19 testing.  For students on the SMU Student Health Insurance Plan, the charges will be billed to insurance and there is no out-of-pocket cost.  For students not on the SMU Student Health Insurance Plan, COVID-19 tests are billed to their bursar account. Students may request reimbursement from their insurance carriers.  

*Services and supplies associated with a fee will be charged to the student's bursar account.

Paying at the time of service

The health center currently allows charging to student Bursar accounts and accepts Credit Card (All Major Credit Cards Accepted), and Checks made payable to Dr. Bob Smith Health Center. 

SMU Health Center Pharmacy

The pharmacy is open to all current students, regardless of paying the Health Services Fee.

Our pharmacy is contracted with most insurance carriers, we can fill your prescriptions on your insurance at the same price you would pay at other pharmacies. In addition to prescription medications, the pharmacy stocks many over the counter medications and toiletries. Pay up front or charge all purchases to your student account. We accept cash, credit card, FSA, HSA, and are able to charge to bursar accounts. For more information, please visit SMU Health Center Pharmacy.

Campus Smiles at SMU

All major PPO insurance plans are accepted. For more information, please visit Campus Smiles at SMU.