Mixed-reality Simulation Lab

SMU Mursion Simulation Environment

Mursion is a mixed-reality teaching simulation environment supporting teacher practice in classroom management, pedagogy and content. Originally developed as TLE TeachLivE™ at the University of Central Florida, Mursion is currently being used at over 85 campuses in the United States and growing to include multiple school districts and international partners. Each partner utilizes the Mursion simulation environment in a unique manner depending on the needs of their students, teachers, professors, and community stakeholders. Mursion simulation scenarios provide students and career professionals the opportunity to learn new skills and to craft their practice without placing “real” people at risk during the learning process.

Introduction to Middle School Classroom

Meet our 7th grade children: Savannah, Dev, Ava, Jasmine, and Ethan. They are all real kids with unique personalities who respond to you in real time with genuine emotion.

Introduction to Lee and Linda Walker

Meet Lee and Linda Walker, parents to middle schooler Jasmine. The often play a couple struggling through a tough divorce.

Schedule a Session

Ready to schedule a session? Please email: Tony Cuevas, PhD. Assistant Dean for Technology and Innovation and Stacy Ann Strang, VR Manager and Simulation Specialist.