The Teaching & Learning Network Series is a funded initiative within the Simmons School of Education and Human Development aimed to establish a collaborative platform where faculty, doctoral students, and community partners could foster creativity in scholarship, promote inter- and cross-disciplinary research, and enhance academic and professional growth.

At each event, guests network with keynote speakers and identify synergies to increase scholarly activity (e.g., preparation of conference presentations, manuscripts for publication, grant proposals, etc.) as well as exchange ideas for current students support and recruitment.

Organized by Drs. Magdalena Pando, Corey Brady, and Jeanna Wieselmann.

Connecting Bilingual Education/ESL Community Partners and Education Researchers

October 20, 2023Candace Walkington

11:20 AM- 12:50 PM

Location: HC Simmons Hall, 101A

Lunch provided

RSVP required

Register here: https://qrco.de/beR7QX


The panel of speakers features a mathematics education researcher in the Department of Teaching & Learning, a Technology-Enhanced Immersive Learning (TEIL) researcher in the Department of Psychology and a Community Partner from DISD. The researchers will present about their current research projects, while our community partner will communicate district needs in the Dual Language ESL department at DISD. Attendees will breakout into networking centers to share ideas about connecting district partners to researchers at SMU.

Navigating Partnerships and Resources to Enhance Research and Creativity Productivity

September 27, 2023


During the Navigating Partnerships and Resources to Enhance Research and Creative Productivity event, held on September 27, 2023, panelists from Dallas Independent School District, SMU’s Center on Research and Evaluation and West Dallas STEM School shared their expertise and resources about the process and approvals to conduct research within the WDSS and DISD. Panelists informed attendees about the Consortium on Educational Research Improvement (CERI) and the data sharing exchange resources and supports available to researchers through this collaborative partnership between SMU and DISD. A video recording and folder to materials and resources are available in SMU BOX.


Simmons Teaching & Learning Network Series

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Pathways to the Future, Rear-View Mirrors, and the Economics of Change

September 20, 2023


Dr. Dave Edyburn, a Senior Research Scientist and Professor Emeritus from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee engaged SMU faculty and researchers in a rich and informative conversation about the current state of rapid change in Colleges of Education. He discussed issues of student enrollment, strategic decision-making and the impact of knowledge-based technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the field of Education. The dialogue encouraged an exchange of knowledge and strategies to address present challenges and foster creativity and innovation. A video recording and folder to materials and resources are available in SMU BOX.


Teaching and Learning group photo with Dr. Dave Edyburn at Harold Clark Simmons Hall.










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