EDU 6312. Applied Linguistics
This course provides an introduction to basic concepts in linguistics and their application in meeting practical educational goals. It includes an emphasis on first and second language learning.

EDU 6317. Culture and Community in Education
This course examines relationships between schools, families, and communities from various research perspectives. It focuses on the roles of school and community in delivering culturally-appropriate instruction and services to students from diverse backgrounds. Some sections of this course require Spanish proficiency.

EDU 6320. Language Teaching Research, Theory, and Practice
This course introduces the methodology of second language instruction with an emphasis on current research and theory of language acquisition and teaching. ESL program designs are reviewed, and classroom applications and assessments are discussed in the context of specialized ESL classrooms.

EDU 6390. Classroom Instruction and Assessment for Language Learners
This course focuses on classroom applications of ESL teaching and learning. Students will examine factors that influence English language and literacy development and will develop instructional approaches and pedagogical materials that meet the needs of English language learners.