SMU's Simmons School of Education offers a master of education (MEd) in higher education designed for professionals looking to advance into leadership roles at colleges and universities. Our program provides students with a strong foundation in higher education theory, policy, and practice. Graduates of our program are prepared to take on roles in a wide range of higher education settings and assume many key roles in activities such as admissions, advising, student activities, administration, and policy analysis.

Advance Your Career in Higher Education

If you’re new to a career in higher education or looking to advance in your department, pursuing your MEd in higher education from SMU can be the catalyst to find a new path in higher ed. Working on a college campus is like finding the fountain of youth; there is energy, excitement, and passion around every corner.

However, many jobs on college campuses prefer or even require an advanced degree. If this is stopping you from pursuing your dream role or promotion, you’re in the right place.

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Why Earn an MEd in Higher Education at SMU?

At the Simmons School of Education, we have the experts and resources to help you succeed, and we share your passion for higher learning. We’ve thoughtfully crafted a curriculum, developed meaningful connections right here in Dallas and beyond, and brought the best and brightest higher education experts to teach you.

Renowned Faculty and Curriculum

Study under faculty who are renowned scholars and leaders in higher education. Our curriculum covers critical areas such as law and policy, leadership, student affairs, and more. Our faculty come from a variety of backgrounds and institutions establishing connections for you across the world.

Flexible Program Options

Choose between full-time and part-time tracks to earn your MEd in higher education. The full-time track includes graduate assistantship opportunities, while the part-time track accommodates working professionals.

Higher Education Internships

Complete internships and graduate assistantships at SMU and in Dallas to gain hands-on experience in higher education administration. Network and make valuable connections that will benefit your career.

Higher Education in Dallas

Study on SMU's historic campus, located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Experience campus life and connect with a network of higher education professionals.

With over 20 public and private colleges in Dallas, the opportunities to intern, network, and eventually work at one of these institutions are abundant.

Higher Ed MEd Admissions

The MEd in higher education is a 36-hour degree program designed to provide students with the foundation and resources to understand and analyze how universities and colleges work. Read more about admissions requirements and application materials on our admissions page.

Admissions Deadlines

Applications for 2024-2025 will open August 1, 2023
Admissions Deadline for Spring 2024 November 1, 2023
Priority Admissions Deadline for Scholarship Consideration

December 15, 2023

Final Admissions Deadline March 15, 2024

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