EPL 7350. Methods of Systematic Inquiry
Explores different research designs including case study, program evaluation, policy analysis, and survey. Students develop research questions for applied dissertation.

EPL 7351. Quantitative Inquiry
Investigates quantitative research methods including descriptive and inferential statistics. Students apply quantitative procedures to real-world data.

EPL 7352. Qualitative Inquiry
Explores qualitative research methods including data collection and analysis in real-world contexts.

EPL 7353. Topics in Advanced Inquiry
Examines advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods as needed for applied dissertation. 

EPL 7354. PreK-16 Comparative International Policy
Explores policies and practices in schools and universities internationally with a focus on identifying implications for education in the U.S.

EPL 7355. Applied Dissertation
Supports the completion of the applied dissertation through both advising and accountability processes.

EPL 7380. History of Higher Education
Examines the purposes of higher education based on the historical influences on the development of colleges and universities.

EPL 7381. Academic Leadership in Higher Education
Explores the major tenets of academic decision making, faculty norms and motivations, and the unique academic missions of higher education institutions. 

EPL 7382. Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
Addresses emerging issues, trends, research, and debates in higher education.

EPL 7383. Financial Strategy and Management in Higher Education
Examines principles and practices in higher education finance and promotes the assessment and improvement of financial management of postsecondary institutions.

EPL 7384. Legal Issues in Higher Education
Examines critical legal topics for leaders of postsecondary institutions and explores the relationship between law, public policy, and current issues in education.

EPL 7385. The College Student
Examines students in all types of postsecondary settings, specifically their academic and co-curricular experiences.

EPL 7386. Leading Student Affairs
Provides an overview of student affairs administration and leadership in contemporary postsecondary educational institutions.

EPL 7387. Leading Diverse Campuses and Systems of Postsecondary Education
Explores the socio-historical, legal, political, and institutional contexts impacting equity and access in higher education.

EPL 7388. Leading Organizational Change in Higher Education
Investigates theories of organizational change and implications for leaders’ skills in initiating and sustaining change efforts.

EPL 7389. Strategic Enrollment Planning and Management
Explores the interconnected strategies and approaches for enrollment management, ranging from recruitment, to admissions, to student success.

EPL 7390. Public Policy in Higher Education
Examines both the evolution and formation of public policy for higher education in the U.S. Students examine the impacts of changes in public policy on students and postsecondary institutions.

EPL 7391. Public Policy Analysis in Higher Education
Provides strategies to evaluate, interpret, design and conduct policy analysis.

EPL 7392. Special Topics in Higher Education Policy
Identifies current trends and issues in local, state, and federal education policy. Associations are made between historical and contemporary policies including impact in postsecondary settings.