J. Enrique Hernández-Zavaleta

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Teaching and Learning

J. Enrique Hernandez Zavaleta


Ph.D., Cinvestav


6401 Airline Rd
Dallas TX 75205



Having spent over twelve years as a high school and undergraduate mathematics teacher, more than a decade of experience designing and implementing international workshops for K-12 teachers on various topics related to mathematics, technology, and STEM, and more than three years leading and developing postdoctoral projects in US and Canada funded by the NSF, he has honed his skills in working with students and teachers encouraging an interdisciplinary approach to mathematics education that will effectively prepare tomorrow’s leaders in mathematics classrooms.

In his spare time he enjoys board games, video games, playing the guitar, and outdoor activities including biking, skating, camping, and hiking.


Hernández-Zavaleta, J. E., Becker, S., Clark, D., Brady, C., & Cao, L. (Submitted). Learning About Symmetries and Transformations in K-12 2D Geometry: A Review of Theoretical Frames, Themes, and Media from 1990 to Present.

Hernández-Zavaleta, J. E., Brady, C., Becker, S., & Clark, D. B. (2023). Vygotskian hybridizing of motion and mapping: Learning about geometric transformations in block-based programming environments. Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 1-35. https://doi.org/10.1080/10986065.2023.2191074.

Hernández-Zavaleta, J. E., Preciado Babb, A. P., & Cantoral, R. (2023). Comparison as a Social Practice in the Analysis of Chaotic Phenomena: the Case of the Double Pendulum. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 1-20. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10763-023-10363-0.

Clark, D. B., Hernández-Zavaleta, J. E., & Becker, S. (2023). Academically meaningful play: Designing digital games for the classroom to support meaningful gameplay, meaningful learning, and meaningful access. Computers & Education, 194, 104704. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compedu.2022.104704.

Hernández-Zavaleta, J. E., Carrasco Henriquez, E., & Carrión Velázquez, V. (2022). The configuration-interaction-emergence triad: a complex look at learning processes in the Mathematics classroom. Educação Matemática Debate, 6(12), 1–23. https://doi.org/10.46551/emd.v6n12a12.

Becker, S., Clark, D., Gupta, M., Kannappan, S., Wong, B., & Hernández-Zavaleta, J. E. (2022). More than a Eureka Moment: Undergraduate Students’ Reflective Understanding of Science Inquiry in a Citizen Science Project. Alberta Science Education Journal, 48(1), 22–36.

Hernández Zavaleta, J., & Cantoral Uriza, R. (2018). Caracterización de prácticas asociadas con la predicción en el enfrentamiento ante lo errático: un estudio socioepistemológico [Characterization of practices related to prediction in facing the erratic: A socio-epistemological study]. Transformación 14(2), 177–189. https://revistas.reduc.edu.cu/index.php/transformacion/article/view/2271.