The Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development promotes excellence by engaging in and disseminating scientifically-based research, preparing exemplary professionals in education and human development, collaborating with other schools and institutions in the development of model programs and furthering positive learning experiences in all stages of life.

By changing the way we think about education and human development, the Simmons School is sparking meaningful change that impacts us all and creates stronger, healthier, and happier communities.  We're driving real solutions to issues challenging our country and the world.  We're a catalyst for transformation and change.  At the Simmons School, we're changing perspectives, processes, outcomes, outlooks, opportunities and the future. 

A gift from Harold C. Simmons and Annette Caldwell Simmons '57 established the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development to provide endowment and crucial support for programs that address critical needs and opportunities in education. high school students working in STEM lab

The mission of the school is to integrate theory, research and practice of education and human development; promote academic rigor and interdisciplinary collaboration; educate students for initial certification and professional practice; and nurture collaboration across the academic community.

In order to fulfill this mission, the school offers Master's, Ed.D and Ph.D. programs in human development, liberal studies and education with specializations congruent with faculty expertise. In addition to providing teacher education courses for undergraduates of the University, the school will establish degree programs in human development at the undergraduate level when resources permit. The school also offers informal courses and programs for the continuing educational benefit of the wider community.

The school promotes research of high quality among its tenured/tenure-track faculty and strives to make it a locus of research that combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, generates new hypotheses and influences pedagogical practices in K-12 schools. The professional programs in education and human development provide training in the practices of the disciplines that are most current and of the highest order and prepare students for statewide licensure exams.